I’ve had a busy summer in my new home, with lots of lovely visitors coming into my pub trying out the new menu.  The kids have been enjoying my garden, though my wives have been getting a bit nervous with some of the children chasing us. My dad moves us to our house in the corner if he thinks we’re getting nervous and upset. We get quite scared when dogs aren’t on their leads too but most people are kind and keep to the rules with doggy friends staying tied up to their owners.

The staff are still all running around very busy even though the holidays have finished. They say there’s a big day next week ‘Widecombe Fair’. I hear it’s a very famous and popular day enjoyed by many local people and visitors.  I have to be up early that day as the pub will be open from 9am serving teas, coffees, soft drinks, and food to enjoy here or to even take – away! My wives are all more looking forward to a fancy party at the end of the month, I guess I ought to take them all shopping for new feather-frocks! There’ll be music, food and some other things I can’t remember… Best to ask someone at the bar for all the details, though I hear it’s not far from selling out!

Right I best be off, my beak hurts tapping these keys though I’m sure I’ll get used to it… I’m off to play with my Duck friends… bye for now.

H. x

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